Our History

“Our ability to take a product idea from a distributor partner and successfully assist in bringing it to market gives us a huge amount of satisfaction.” -- Kevin Leys, President

From our founding of Equinox in 1994 Sue Whalen and I observed the market need to expand from a reinsurance focused platform to insurance. Meridian Management Group, LLC, was founded in 1999 and is a subsidiary of Equinox Management Group, Inc., a reinsurance facility management company. Specialty reinsurers had an appetite for travel insurance business, but some of the distributors and carriers in that emerging market were struggling to manage their business profitably.


Since its formation, Meridian has worked on behalf of dozens of travel insurance organizations that read like a “Who’s Who” list of the top travel insurance organizations, and we have underwritten over $2 billion of travel premium.


Over the years, Meridian has expanded considerably in the lines of business we work with, and the services we offer.


The company is now built around the accumulation of underwriting expertise we have in six key executives, surrounded by a professional staff managing technology, accounting, claims oversight, contracts and compliance, and other important disciplines.  Meridian is an integral part of the Equinox Management Group. One of our keys to success is that, since our modest beginnings, our core values have never changed.

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